Monday, July 31, 2006

Cartoons 4 You!

Heres some cartoons posted up on Youtube:
In this cartoon Dave Karrot, Ketchupboy, & Roscoe the cat need money for rent. They go find jobs by delivering drugs, doing stand-up, and ending up on American Idol. They also sell their car and buy an ice-cream truck with "Spree-wells" and "Dingo- Balls". This is the 1st animated short for the trio. Again everything is drawn by hand. Go to for more.

Just a Simple pencil test

I made this for Green Day to show them I could animate. They are doing voices for my cartoon "Itsy Bitsy Spider". The sample in the beginning of the cartoon is a Green Day show in Seattle WA and he told me to go home. HAHA. (You dont see the spider in the cartoon yet. This scene is in the middle of the cartoon) More

I made this for E40 back in the days. Charlie Brown finds out what it means to be an OG.

Did this for a client's project

I did this for a Health Care company. For some reason youtube is playing it back a little slower.